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  1. kiki12278:


    Zoie Palmer Appreciation: Her Walk

    swag•ger (verb)
    1. to walk or strut with a defiant or insolent air
    2. see Zoie Palmer

  2. Zoie Palmer Appreciation: Her Head Dip Smile

  3. dr-cupcakes:

    Inspired by Zopcornnn <3

  4. cophines:

    Fangirl challenge | [9/10] female characters 

    "Why do chemists like nitrates? Because they are cheaper than day rates."

  5. copdoccubus:



    If they do this the whole day… props to them lol.

    I love them so much. Are they taking suggestions?

    I love this

    Just going to add stuff anyways:
    "Lost Pals" - Bo and the gang took a wrong turn on their way to Valhalla. 
    "Lost It"  - The search for Lauren’s favorite pair of earrings that Bo lost in season 3/alternatively, Bo goes all Dark Bo, loses her mind. takes over the world.
    "Call Girl" - You don’t want to know where my mind went here.  
    "Frost Girl" - The gang go to Arendelle to find Elsa and tell her she’s actually Fae.
    "Sex" - As suggested by Zoie Palmer. 

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  7. "You’re bad. You’ve been a bad, bad girl."

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  8. tivaness:

    Psych: 2006 - 2014 | 8 Seasons | 119 Episodes | 1 Musical

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Flora Blooms- a forest nymph

    Flora Blooms- a forest nymph

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  12. sherlockian-rhapsody:



    What if heaven is a giant movie theater where you can watch fanfiction as movies and your otp is canon and there’s free refills on popcorn

    You know… normal girls just daydream about getting married and perfect outfits.


  13. If you see the sexual tension between these two hotties, then go and VOTE HERE and if you don’t see it, then also go and VOTE.

    VOTE for them is a VOTE for Lost Girl.

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  14. Deutschlands Bundesländer || States of Germany

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Lost Girl Season 5 scripts


    Lost Girl Season 5 scripts